Patterns can be found in many places. Some questions to think of as you look through these pages:
  1. How do natural patterns influence us?
  2. How do patterns help us to solve problems?
  3. Can you put elements of a pattern into an order
    that can be measured?
    that can be studied?
    that can be predicted?

    The Constellations and Their Stars


    Escher's Art Museum

    Fermilab Education - Symmetry

    The Fibonacci Numbers and Nature

    Fibonacci Series and Number Puzzles

    Florida Quilt Collection

    Geometer's Sketchpad Tessellation Ideas

    Joseph Wu's Origami Page


    Missouri Botanical Garden Tour, Part 2

    Morse Code and the Phonetic Alphabets

    Stonehenge...Gateway to the Realms

    Tessellation Tutorials by Suzanne Alejandre

    Many of these sites were found in a publication called:

    Online-Offline Themes and Resources,
    Vol. 1, No. 6
    February 1997.

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