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My Crazy Dream

by Roseanna Vassar

I went to bed and hoped I would dream a good dream. Well, of course, I did but it was unusual. It was not like any other dream that I had had before.

I was in a carpet flying above a little town. I steered the carpet downward and slowed it down. Then I looked at the floor and the floor color was green. The sky was blue and this little town was about the same as San Bernardino, but different in a way. The reason it was different was because everything I touched turned into anything that I was thinking about.

The tree I touched turned into a cube shaped house. The reason I was thinking about a cube-like house was because I was thinking about math. Then I touched the ground with my hand and it turned into people in my fifth period class. I did the same thing on a bush and Mrs. Alejandre popped up. We went to the cube-like house and touched it again and a door appeared. We went in and I touched the wall and a whiteboard appeared with a marker. I touched the floor and desks appeared.

I was thinking of all the things that I had touched and thinking about all that work made me hungry. I went outside and touched another piece of ground and a McDonalds popped up with everything in it.

I invited all of the class to come to McDonalds. We ate until we couldn't eat any more. Then Mrs. Alejandre decided since we had everything that we needed, it was time for school. We went back to the cube-like house and she was talking about six different polyhedra,
I decided that we should look at some close up so I told Mrs. Alejandre my idea and she said okay. The whole class went outside and I touched six different trees and they turned to the six different solid shapes. They started to spin like on the KaleidoTile software.

We looked at all the stuff Mrs. Alejandre was talking about including
surface area
We said that
A vertex is the end part of the line where it makes a point with another one.

The base is the part of the solid that it is resting on.

A face is the flat part of the solid.

The edge is the line made between the faces.

The surface area is found depending on the shape of the face. If it is a square then it is the length times the width. If it is a triangle then it is half the altitude times the base of the triangle.

I would have kept going on but then my alarm went off at 5:30 in the morning but I woke up with math on my mind.

I went and took my shower, got dressed, ate and brushed my teeth. I made sure that my homework was done. It was time for me to go to my bus stop.

The bus came and picked us up. I got to school, the bell rang and I went to my 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th period classes. It came time to go to my 5th period class. I found out that we had to write a story about shapes and we had to call it "polyhedra". I decided to write about my dream.

I think the way that this works is by good imagination, to really like math, to really like your teacher and what you write.

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