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Students studying polyhedra enjoy seeing the structures as they occur in the real world. Crystalline structures can be categorized into seven crystal systems. Students can access links to photographs of beautiful crystals. Paper models of crystals can be made by printing out nets of crystals and constructing the models. CrystalMaker software gives students experience with ball-and-stick, space-filling, wire-frame, stick, dot surface cloud, and polyhedral models of crystals.


  Real world crystalline structures.

    Systems of Crystals

  The seven crystal systems with links to photographs of examples.

    Paper Nets

  Print out and construct paper models of nets.

    On the Web

  Web sites about crystals.

  The Isometric (Cubic) Crystal System
    Java applets which show some of the major forms for the Hexoctahedral Class (symmetry 4/m3bar2/m) of crystals.

    Crystal and molecular structures visualization and diffraction.

  Loes Modderman Microscopic Science-Art
    A collection of different and very small crystals, pictured through the microscope.

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