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Lesson Plans: Algebra

This list contains some of the best algebra lesson plans or materials on which to base them. For a more exhaustive list, or to find materials that fit your specific needs, search or browse Basic Algebra or Lesson Plans in the Forum's Internet Mathematics Library.
Algebra1: Graphing Linear Equations - Tim O'Brien
A Master's Degree project designed to provide an understanding of the graphing of linear equations at the Algebra 1 level. Use Java applets to learn ... more>>
Algebra - Fun with Calendars - Cynthia Lanius
Take any calendar. Tell a friend to choose 4 days that form a square. If your friend tells you only the sum of the four days, you can tell her what ... more>>
Algebraic Factoring - Suzanne Alejandre
A Math Forum Web Unit. Vocabulary, objectives, materials. Students use algebra tiles to explore algebraic ... more>>
Chameleon Graphing: Lines and Slope - Ursula Whitcher
A Web unit for middle school and early high school students, in which Joan the Chameleon introduces and explores lines and slope, to accompany a unit ... more>>
Fractals - Cynthia Lanius
This lesson plan for exploring fractals is designed so 4th through 8th grade students can work independently and be assessed innovatively. It conforms ... more>>
Games on Graphs (MegaMath) - Nancy Casey; Los Alamos National Laboratory
Students use algebraic methods to explore, model, and describe patterns and functions involving numbers, shapes, data, and graphs in problem-solving ... more>>
Locker Problem - Suzanne Alejandre
A classroom activity (also called 1000 Lockers) aligned to the NCTM and California Standards, to be explored through the use of manipulatives and a ... more>>
Magnet/Mathematics Connections: Morse High School - Suzanne Alejandre, for the Math Forum
Morse High School is the Center for Technology and Pacific Rim Studies. The school magnet focuses on five career paths designed to provide a ... more>>
Mathematics With Alice - ThinkQuest 1997
Active Learner's Internet-Based Creative Educator - learn polynomials and linear equations in the style of Alice in Wonderland. As you become more ... more>>
The Million $ Mission - Cynthia Lanius
You have your choice of two payment options on your new job: 1. One cent on the first day, two cents on the second day, and double your salary every ... more>>
PlaneMath - InfoUse, in cooperation with NASA
Materials for elementary school students about math and aeronautics, designed to stimulate and motivate students with physical disabilities in grades ... more>>
Rectangle Pattern Challenges - Cynthia Lanius
Examine different stges of rectangle patterns, and describe what you must do to get from one to the next. Observe the designs looking for patterns. ... more>>
River Crossing (Math Exploration Quilt) - Rik Littlefield; Hanford School
You want to cross a river to reach a point exactly opposite where you are currently standing. Explore this problem step-by-step, encountering the ... more>>
Traffic Jam Activity - Suzanne Alejandre
A classroom activity (also called Hop, Skip, Jump) aligned to the NCTM and California Standards, to be explored through large movement experience, ... more>>

For more, search or browse Basic Algebra or Lesson Plans in the Forum's Internet Mathematics Library.

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