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Reference Materials: Arithmetic

This list contains what we feel are some of the the best sites for arithmetic reference materials. For a more exhaustive list, or to find materials that fit your specific needs, search or browse Arithmetic/Early Math or Reference Sources in the Forum's Internet Mathematics Library.

Animated Math Glossary - Math Advantage - Harcourt Brace School Publishers
A K-8 glossary of common mathematical terms, categorized by grade. Each entry has an example, most of which are animated. An "other" section at the ... more>>
Constants, Units, and Uncertainty - National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)
A reference with three sections: Fundamental Physical Constants (values of the constants and related information, and a searchable bibliography on the ... more>>
DAU Math Refresher Tutorial - George Mason University
An interactive tutorial that uses a subway map as a metaphor for moving through the lessons, giving a comprehensive view of basic mathematics, ... more>>
A Dictionary of Units - Cleave Books
A summary of units of measurement world-wide (current units and a few of historical interest); conversion factors to the SI (Systeme International); ... more>>
Fractions, Decimals, Percentages - Math Forum, Ask Dr. Math FAQ
What are simple, complex, and compound fractions? How do you convert decimals and percentages to ... more>>
Fractions (S.O.S. Mathematics) - Dept. of Mathematical Sciences, Univ. of Texas at El Paso
A math review for people who have forgotten what they once knew about fractions. Simple fractions (Identification; Factoring Integers; Reducing ... more>>
Glossary - Interactive Mathematics Miscellany and Puzzles, Alexander Bogomolny
A glossary of terms that also serves as an alphabetical index to Bogomolny's site. Each term is linked to an illustrated ... more>>
Golden Ratio, Fibonacci Sequence - Math Forum, Ask Dr. Math FAQ
About the Golden Ratio (or Golden Section or Golden Mean), the Golden Rectangle, and the Fibonacci ... more>>
How Many? A Dictionary of Units of Measurement - Russ Rowlett; University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
A dictionary of both metric (SI) and English measurement units, with history, links to related sites, and a ... more>>
Integers, Rational/Irrational Numbers - Math Forum, Ask Dr. Math FAQ
What is an integer? Are fractions rational numbers? What about .9999...? How about decimals? pi? the Golden ... more>>
K-12 Teaching Materials (Mathematics Archives) - University of Tennessee, Knoxville (UTK)
An extensive list of Internet sites with significant collections of materials that can be used in the teaching of mathematics at the K-12 level. ... more>>
Learning Multiplication Facts - Math Forum, Ask Dr. Math FAQ
Tips for parents, teachers, and students for different ways of learning to ... more>>
Learning to Factor - Math Forum, Ask Dr. Math FAQ
Examples of factoring from the Dr. Math archives: trinomials; greatest common factor (GCF); least common multiple (LCM); least common denominator ... more>>
Math Index - George Mason University
A glossary of math terms with illustrated examples of problems and tips for understanding concepts, from addition of positive and negative numbers to ... more>>
National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) - U.S. Department of Commerce
Working with industry to develop and apply technology, measurement, and standards. Links to a site guide; Measurement and Standards Laboratories; ... more>>
Negative Times a Negative - Math Forum, Ask Dr. Math FAQ
Why does a negative times a negative equal a positive? Does this ever happen in the real ... more>>
Number Bases - Math Forum, Ask Dr. Math FAQ
What is base 10? Binary? Hexadecimal? How can you convert from one base to ... more>>
On-Line Encyclopedia of Integer Sequences - The OEIS Foundation Inc.
Before publishing that new sequence you have just found, you might want to check here to see if it's already been discovered. Directions for how to ... more>>
Order of Operations - Math Forum, Ask Dr. Math FAQ
What is the correct order of operations? Why use it? What is ... more>>
Pi = 3.14159... - Math Forum, Ask Dr. Math FAQ
What is Pi? Who first used Pi? How do you find it? How many digits is ... more>>
The Prime Glossary - Chris Caldwell; Dept. of Mathematics & Computer Science, Univ. of Tennessee at Martin
A guide to the terminology of prime numbers, and links to other pages with fuller definitions and information, written on two levels: for ... more>>
Prime Numbers - Math Forum, Ask Dr. Math FAQ
What is a prime number? What's the 'Sieve of Eratosthenes'? What is the largest known ... more>>

For more, search or browse Arithmetic/Early Math or Reference Sources in the Forum's Internet Mathematics Library.

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