We’ve started releasing free “scenarios”, taken from our Problems of the Week library.  This week’s installment honors Veteran’s Day by featuring a member of the Math Forum’s extended family, then-Specialist Lee Alejandre, who was on leave from the Army.

Lee’s Lawn Chair Scenario

We provide scenarios with all the problems we use as Current Problems of the Week, and are adding them to more and more problems in our library.  Basically, a scenario is a situation without a question, designed to give students an opportunity to see how much math they can come up with.  For more information about this idea, you might check out How to Start Problem Solving in Your Classroom.

We often use these scenarios with our Noticing and Wondering activity.  You can read more about that as part of our Understand the Problem strategy.

What sorts of things do you think your kids would notice and wonder around this scenario?  What might you hope they would come up with?