Thanks to everyone who came to the Key Press Ignite Session at NCSM in Philadelphia.  I am really looking forward to hearing your responses to the homework prompt:

How did you become the teacher you are today? Specifically, what motivated you to become that teacher? What experiences helped you to realize, or at least begin, that process?

Couldn’t make it? Not to worry. Watch the video! You can still do the homework.

Annie and Dolciani Texts

Just to make you curious, here’s a little teaser in terms of some folks’ responses to the homework prompt:

Suzanne: Motivation? Lectured from Dolciani for three years, then raised two kids and watched them learn. Experiences? Writing about that learning for John Holt’s journal.

Arjan: Motivation? I hated being lectured to. I hated learning like that.

Max: Experiences? It helps that I went to an interesting high school where I saw all sorts of teaching in my classes. And my mom’s a Montessori teacher.

Geri: Motivation? The Saxon ½ Book. It was so boring! Experience? Woodrow Wilson Institutes, especially the collegiality and collaboration.

Erin: Motivation? The students’ bored faces when I did direct instruction, and watching other teachers lecture and realizing that it was dreadful. Experiences? Suzanne walked into my classroom and said, “Try this.”

Your response here – do your homework and leave a comment!