My thanks to those of you who came to my talk and played along with these activities. The links below will get you a copy of the handout and send you directly to the applets themselves.

I would love to get some comments from any of the attendees. Can you name one thing that you took away from the talk that you’re eager to try out or work on?

Exploring (vicariously) interactive applets that let students “notice and wonder”, talk about mathematical situations, and develop conceptual understandings of triangle properties, linear equations, systems of equations, and factoring trinomials.

Session 610, Friday, April 27th, at the Marriott, Salon D

National Council of Teachers of Mathematics Annual Conference, April 2012

Session 610 Handout

Types of Triangles – Annie Fetter

Link above includes handouts, sketch, and Sketch Explorer version

Runners – NCTM e-Examples from Principles and Standards

Session 610 Runners Prompts

Galactic Exchange – The Math Forum’s ESCOT Project

Session 610 Galactic Exchange Handout

Algebra Tiles – National Library of Virtual Manipulatives

Session 610 Algebra Tiles Handout