Saturday, October 26, I presented two sessions at the ATMOPAV 2013 Fall Conference. This first one was targeted at middle and high school grades. Here are copies of the handout and the PowerPoint slides.

My thanks to those of you who chose to come. I had a good time, and we had a lot of discussion about things we might try as a result of the session. I know that Leigh Nataro (@mathteacher24) changed up her Monday morning geometry task, and had students Notice and Wonder about a diagram. I hope some of the rest of you might leave a comment here that describes something you plan to do or already did do.

Here’s the Noticing and Wondering that we did around the Congruent Rectangles problem (maybe some of you want to try the problem with your students, and then have them compare their lists to a list that a bunch of math teachers came up with!):

For those of you who couldn’t make it, as well as those of you did make it in person but want a succinct version to share with colleagues, this was sort of a one hour version of my Ignite talk of the same title: Ever Wonder What They’d Notice (If Only Someone Would Ask)?