Saturday, October 26, I presented two sessions at the ATMOPAV 2013 Fall Conference. This one was targeted at elementary grades (K-5). Here is a PDF of the PowerPoint slides:

My thanks to those of you would came to the session. I enjoyed the conversation a lot. Unfortunately, I did not remember to take a picture of the list of reading lesson objectives that we generated, but I have to say that I was excited to learn a new word that was the topic of one person’s reading lesson objective last week: Syllabicate. When we reviewed the list and talked about analagous topics and foci in math instructions, someone pointed out that syllabication is sort of like place value. That was brilliant! Decomposing and recomposing numbers is an important part of numeracy, and of course place value is one big part of that.

I hope some of you will send me mail or leave a comment here about ideas they will or have already tried in class as a result of our session.