Eukie watching an icosahedron (1994)

Late Monday night our 19.75 year old cat Eukie suddenly got very sick and we chose to have him put to sleep. Why blog about this on the Math Forum site? Because Eukie and his littermate Ivan (who died two years ago) have been fixtures in the Math Forum’s history, and may well be among the first cats mentioned on the Internet. And besides, they’re cats, and they’re wicked cute!

The Math Forum used to host an Internet Math Hunt. Long before Google, Bing, Ask Jeeves, and even AltaVista showed up on the scene, finding things on the Internet was actually challenging. In our very first hunt in September 1995, we asked these five questions:

  1. In what town is the Geometry Center located, and what is it?
  2. Annie Fetter, the person who runs several of the student projects at the Math Forum, has pictures of her cats on her home page. What are their names?
  3. Name four members of the Swat Team, which staffs the Dr. Math project, who have home pages.
  4. What school runs the Great Penny Toss? (Extra: where is the school located?)
  5. There is a History of Mathematics site somewhere in the United Kingdom. What university hosts it, and where in the UK is it exactly?

The second question got a lot of attention, and even now it persists on in two different places:

Eukie and Ivan started coming to the office in 1994 when they were only a couple months old. We were then housed in the math department at Swarthmore College, and the cats had free range of our office, the hallway, and the Fishbowl, which was a seminar room across the hall with floor to ceiling windows on three sides (hence the name “Fishbowl”).

Cats in the Hallway

In the hallway between our office and the Fishbowl (notice the nice reflection symmetry) (1995)

Cats in the Back Door

Patrolling the outside door near the office and the Fishbowl (1995)

(FYI, Ivan is the one with the spot on his back.)

One day I went to retrieve Eukie from the Fishbowl before a psychology seminar, and the students looked at me imploringly and asked, “Can he stay? Please?” I looked at the professor and he shrugged, so I left Eukie there. For the next three hours, Eukie slowly circulated from one lap to another to someone’s notebook. At one point I glanced over (our office had windows out onto the hallway and right into the Fishbowl), and a student was making an impassioned argument, gesticulating with one hand while the other hand was petting the furry mass lying on her notebook.

Eukie in the Fishbowl

Eukie in the Fishbowl (I am pretty sure that's only one cat) (1995)

Both cats in the Fishbowl - same chair as the picture above, just smaller cats! (1994)

Both cats in the Fishbowl (1994)

Eukie and Ivan loved to sit on the trash can next to the water fountain outside one of the big lecture halls when class was about to let out, because they knew someone would turn the water on for them so that they could have a drink. (One morning the housekeeper reported that she had seen a student holding one of the cats’ paws against the button, trying to teach them how to turn it on themselves.) When the department secretary argued that this was unsanitary, the housekeeper explained that she just wiped it down with some disinfectant when they were done.

Eukie and Ivan have long been fixtures of our Math Tools library gallery, with Eukie chasing the isocahedron screensaver (shown above) and Ivan doing trig with his TI-92. Eukie’s enthusiasm for chasing screensavers at the office didn’t abate as he got bigger, though sometimes all that chasing is tiring.

Ivan with his TI-92 (1999)

Eukie and the Screensaver

He might still be chasing an icosahedron! (1995)

Eukie and the Screensaver Again

Yup, more chasing (1995)

Eukie Sleeping on the Keyboard

Nap time (1995)

Ivan often engaged in the age-old cat responsibility of confirming the continued existence of gravity by knocking things off shelves, such as this tissue box (but, fortunately, not the octahedral wooden puzzle), and both dutifully entertained visitors.

Ivan on the Bookshelf

Ivan about to test gravity (1995)

Eukie and Sarah

Entertaining Sarah (1995)

A few years later, we hired someone who was allergic to cats, so the cats retired to a life of leisure at home. They both continued assisting with important mathematical work, such as my technical editing of the first version of Exploring Calculus with the Geometer’s Sketchpad and helping with the Geometry Problem of the Week #GeoPoW.

Eukie editing Exploring Calculus with the Geometer's Sketchpad (2001)

Ivan on My Desk

Ivan helping with the Geometry Problem of the Week (1999)

They also spent time on the deck lounging and watching the squirrels, blue jays, starlings, raccoons, and other neighborhood cats eat the dried food that we ostensibly put out for the resident cats.

Eukie and Ivan on the deck (2006)

Naturally, all this work makes one tired, so they also did a lot of what cats do best, which is nap and look wicked cute at the same time.

Eukie and Ivan in bed (2008)

Eukie Napping

Eukie (2008)

Eukie (2003)

Ivan Sleeping

Ivan (2003)

We haven’t even mentioned the origins of their names. Eukie’s real name is Euclid, of course, while Ivan is actually Nikolai Ivanovich Lobachevsky – a fitting pair of names for cats belonging to someone then working at “The Geometry Forum” if ever there were. While Eukie and Ivan aren’t the most famous cats on the Internet, they’re long-lived fixtures. We’ll miss them, but their mathematical contributions will live on.