I’m leading this session at PCTM on Thursday, November 6, at 4:00.

Exploring interactive applets that let students “notice and wonder”, talk about mathematical situations, and develop conceptual understandings of triangle properties, linear equations, systems of equations, and factoring trinomials.

PCTM 63rd Annual Conference, November 2014

Session Handout [PDF]

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Types of Triangles – Annie Fetter

Link above includes handouts, sketch, and Sketch Explorer version

Key technology strengths: exploring dynamic models of different triangle types, allowing students to develop intuition about different classes of triangles and what characteristics they do and don’t have.

Runners – NCTM e-Examples from Principles and Standards

Runners Prompts (PDF)

Key technology strengths: developing intuition about distance/rate/time and the concept of slope, without needing to know the formal vocabulary at all, as well as the ability to try things and get it wrong, and get instant feedback without fear of judgement by others.

Galactic Exchange – The Math Forum’s ESCOT Project

Galactic Exchange Handouts (PDF)

Key technology strengths: the applet does the recordkeeping for you, and students can explore systems of equations without needing to know that they’re doing that, or even knowing that such a thing exists!

Algebra Tiles – National Library of Virtual Manipulatives

Algebra Tiles Handout (PDF)

Key technology strengths: the variables actually vary!