Welcome to Ellen’s and Valerie’s—my partner in crime—blog on BIG IDEAS in mathematics. We have begun a conversation with many beginning math teachers and wanted to experiment with ways to continue that conversation as the real teaching begins. For now, Val and I will host the blog asking our beginning teachers to share their thoughts, questions, challenges, and successes talking about these big math ideas in their classrooms. Together, with some of our more experienced teacher friends, we will support each other through these early experiences. With everyone’s help we’ll figure out how to open the conversation up to more and more teachers.

What we hope to see here…

We’ll post links to instructional language around pertinent teaching topics (podcasts from the course and new ones too).

You’ll let us know what topics are pertinent.

  • If you use the language that we worked on in our course, let us know, by sending audio files or your best recollection of what you were able to use and what you weren’t, what was hard, what went well, etc.
  • If you had a great lesson tell us about it!
  • If you are having trouble with a topic or idea share your struggles here and we can try to help.
  • If you want input on a lesson plan share it here.
  • If there’s something else about teaching math your want to share, go for it!

We’ll try to answer questions, make suggestions, ask more questions, make more suggestions, and otherwise offer as much support as we can as well as encourage second and third year teachers to do the same.

Together, we’ll try to build a community that continues to support all of us in continued professional growth in our classrooms.

Looking forward to continuing our learning on this blog!

Please email your posts to us!