I began my first week of work at the Math Forum this past week! Besides missing the last two days of work because I was sick, I learned a lot about the Math Forum and what it has to offer teachers and students. I find that the most important aspect of this educational website is the Problems of the Week, or PoWs. Each week, various problems are put out in six different types of math: Primary, Math Fundamentals, Pre-Algebra, Algebra, Geometry, and Trig & Calc. Anyone who is a member of the Math Forum can answer these questions, revise their answers, and receive feedback on their work. I think this is a great activity for students, as I am always learning about how to integrate technology into the classroom in my education classes and this does exactly that. I think this is also a great way for students to get a little extra math work in and maybe recall certain math concepts they’ve learned in the past. I even enjoy doing the problems and sometimes find them challenging! The most important part of these PoWs is helping students gain the ability to communicate how they got their answers and what steps they took to solve the problems. As a future teacher, this is a great skill that I even need to acquire to help translate learning material to my students, so I find that doing these problems myself is very helpful in developing my communication skills. What I also like about the PoWs is that there are video scenarios that students can create and send in to the Math Forum to make math a little more fun and interactive. Not many videos are sent in, but I find that if teachers encourages their students to do this, the students would be a lot more engaged in problems and get a better sense of what the problems are asking. The other Co-ops and I were given the opportunity to make one of these scenarios for a problem and found it to be fun to get out of the office and take math into the real world. After all, math applies to everything in life and really can be fun!