This week everyone was out of the office for a conference in Denver. Gina, A.J., and I worked on numerous teacher packets, so I think I finally have a feel for how they are made and how much work goes into each one. However, this week I feel like I was able to experiment with technology and social media in the office. After reading one of Suzanne’s blogs, I came across an awesome app called AirSketch Free that allows me to draw on my iPad and what I drew will show up on my computer in my Internet browser window! This would be great technology for students to use in the classroom because the teacher could pass around the iPad and have the students write their work or answers to math problems in the app. Then their work could be shown to everyone in the class through a projector or smart board. Any excuse to let kids use technology in the classroom will definitely make them more active and engaged in the lesson. Another thing I got to experiment with this week was social media. We created an Ask Dr. Math Facebook page and I was added as an admin so that I can help manage the page and post on behalf of the Math Forum and Dr. Math. I also created a math forum twitter account so that I could tweet my “noticings” and “wonderings” about different problems for the conference in Denver. I love how open the Math Forum staff is to technology and social media in the classroom because many teachers are against it and stick to traditional ways of teaching and lecturing. Technology is the future of education and we should begin to expose children to the different resources available to them to expand their knowledge.