This week I think I finally figured out what task I’m the best at: Packets. I completed about 8 or 9 Primary PoW Teacher Packets over the past 5 days and I now have a system of how I create them. First, I use the template to add in the title, the problem, and the answer to the question. Then I use my iPad to draw a picture that goes along with the problem and take a screenshot of the picture, which goes directly onto my computer through Photo Stream. It’s super convenient and easy! Then I add the graphics and any other text I need to explain the problem. I think the best part about making these packets is that I have to put myself in the place of a 1st or 2nd grader in order to see how they would approach the problem. This is helping me as a future teacher because when I am in the classroom, I am going to have to think like my students and try to see situations from their different viewpoints in order to help them better understand the learning material. I can not expect my students to know everything and have math come easy to them like it does for me. Each student has a different learning style and a different capacity to take in information. My job is to make sure I give them the tools to grasp this information in a fun, safe environment. Each week, I think I am beginning to see how difficult it can be to create lesson plans and be creative in the methods we use to teach. Being a teacher is going to be really hard and I won’t always succeed in everything I do, but I am definitely up for the challenge!