After working at the Math Forum for 6 short months, it’s finally time to say goodbye. Today is my last day of Co-op and I can’t believe it! I’m going to miss walking in to work every day saying good morning to Tracey and discussing the latest Orange is the New Black drama with her. I loved working with Suzanne on packets for the Problems of the week and think it’s great how she made me go to the health center when I was sick (even though I didn’t want to) and bought us Ben and Jerry’s for a PoW video scenario. She was like our honorary mother at the Math Forum. I was able to us my iMovie skills to help Max create videos for his new book and was given the opportunity to go into classrooms and and learn about how math is being taught in schools today. I was able to work with my best friend Brianna for the last few months and became great friends with Gina, who was also a Co-op. We have so much fun hanging out together and I will miss getting chicken katsu with them every week from our favorite food truck. I feel like the Math Forum is my own version of “The Office,” full of colorful characters who all offer something different to this small company. I really hope that I can continue to work here part time during the school year because the Math Forum has become my second home and the staff is like family to me. Either way, I will definitely be back to drop in and say hello and use all that the Math Forum staff has taught me as a tool to succeed in school and my future classroom one day. I feel very lucky to have completed my Co-op at the Math Forum!