Below are a couple links from my talk at NCTM (National Council of Teachers of Mathematics — in Philadelphia on April 28, 2012.

The Math Forum’s Financial Education Page

Video from the Cosby show of Cliff talking to Theo about the cost of living, and another Cosby video about buying used cars.

A couple sample problems:

Taxi Rates:

And Taxi Rates:

Cell Phone Plans — great for noticing & wondering:

And more info on that plan…

And a Problem of the Week on Texting:

What’s involved in understanding problems with a financial context?

  • Examining the given information and asking: What do you notice? What do you wonder?
  • Digging a littler deeper and asking: What information that’s given is useful? What given information or other information might help you make a decision? What else might we want to know?

Other resources, easily accessible and make for great conversations and problem solving opportunities/projects:

Cable Pricing Schemes
Cell Phone Pricing Schemes
Credit Card Offers
Apps and Applets that graph repayment plans
Interpreting Health Care Plans — look at HR websites to find information
Interpreting Retirement account options
Reading personal finance blogs (i.e.,,,, and more)  — blogs like this often talk about how to make personal finance decisions and weighing what’s important to you and/or your family and the trade-offs sometimes inherent in such decisions. has a great library of problems that tackle many of the concepts above, are connected to the common core and come with lesson plans. Here’s a blog post about their work that I wrote a while back.