This week I was able to start working on teacher packets for primary problems. It was quite interesting! When creating this packet, you’re given problems that you can do simple math, like addition or subtraction to find the right answer, but you can’t just write that. You can’t help but be like, “Oh just subtract the two numbers and you’ll get the right answer!” Thats the main thing with these packets. You have to literally forgot everything you learned and figure out other ways to solve it. You’re teaching kindergarteners and first graders how to solve these problems. So you have to ask yourself, “Without using formulas, how can I portray this information?” The answer is through drawings, acting it out, and having the students list what they notice and wonder. Once of my favorite techniques is probably acting it out. I always loved that when I was in elementary school and it also helped the information stick in my head the most!! Acting it out gives the students something to look back on, instead of them remembering what they wrote down in their notebooks, they remember what they acted out in front of the classroom. All three of these techniques are very helpful. Drawing a picture gives the students an opprotunity to visualize the problem, where I notice, I wonder gives the students to discuss what is going on in the problem, which may help them see any information they may have missed. I really enjoyed working on these packets and am excited to start wo