Over the last couple of weeks I have been training to become a math dr. I’m super excited to be able to do this. A math dr is someone that answers student’s questions in a proper, professional, and coherent manner. At first it sounds somewhat easy, you think to yourself “Well i’ve learned this stuff before so I should be able to answer it.” However! You need to make sure your are very specific in explaining your answers. Also, you cannot just provide one method of solving the problem. You should list at least two methods incase the student does not understand one. Even if you just put one your details need to be very very specific. The hardest part of it all is understanding what the person is truly asking. I feel as though this was my biggest downfall. When first reading one of the problems I assumed I knew exactly what they were asking and began providing an explanation for this, but then when I went back to reread the question I realized that this wasn’t what he was actually asking. He was asking a more specific question. I thought the student literally just wanted me to help solve the problem, but it was actually more in depth than that. It made me think of all the times when I’ve been in a classroom and a student asks the teacher a question, yet even though the teacher thinks he/she is answering the students question the student is actually still confused. I feel as though through this math dr training i’m learning more and more the difficulties behind being a teacher and I feel as though this is a great experience!