This week was the first time us new co-ops at the math forum got to go into a school and see first hand Valerie, Suzanne, Steve, and Max at work! I’ve been working a lot with the “I Notice, I Wonder” method when making packets but never had the opportuntity to see it in action. When looking at the problem Valerie and I were going to be working with, I sat down and listed the things I Noticed and Wondered before Valerie gave it to the students. I was curious if I would come up with more notice or wonders then them or if they would have more. After the problem was handed out and Valerie listed all the notice and wonders on the board, I was amazed to see how many things the students noticed that I missed! I also found it very interesting that the 4th and 3rd graders had a lot more wonders then the 8th graders did. A lot of the notice/wonders from the 8th graders were more mathematical where the ones from the younger students would be more about the picture then the actual problem. The one problem we did with the students had to do with worms in the shape of triangles and one of the younger student asked if the plants and people would also be shaped like triangles. I feel as though the type of wonders reflect on your backround in mathematics. When seeing a worm made out of triangles, one of my wonders may be “Are those isosceles triangles, or acute?” Where as someone younger with not as much math knowledge may wonder Why triangles are being used instead of circles or if plants and people would be made out of triangles, like the one student asked. I really enjoyed my experience at the school this week and am super excited to go back!! All of the students are so eager to participate which makes it so rewarding!