This week I went through all of the packets I created and edited them. Besides fixing spacing and grammar issues, I also read through them and tried to make the wording easier for a primary student to understand. Doing so actually made me start thinking a lot. Besides having to teach children the fundamentals of math, these primary teachers actually need to watch their wording when explaining the problems. In many of my packets I was like “You can conlude that…” but how many first graders would use the word “Conclude?” I feel as though it is very important to know how to talk to the students when getting your information across. This goes off of my week 4 blog, which stated that elementary school teachers may actually have it harder than an upperlevel teacher. I know personally when editing my teacher packets, I had to sit there for a few minutes and ask myself “What is another way of stating this, so that a primary student could understand?” Instead of saying “We concluded that the answer was 25.” I could simply say “We got the answer to be 25.” I feel as though it is hard for a person with some english education under their belt, such as a teacher, to not be tempted to use more intricate words when explaining things.