Now that the summer is coming to an end, I keep reminiscing about all the schoolwork I used to have to complete over the summer to get me ready for the next and upcoming grade. Every summer I would have a summer reading book to read. I hardly ever had math work to complete, which I find interesting. I only remember having a math packet to do over the summer once. I find it puzzling that most schools do not offer a summer math packet. Each year students learn new concepts in math that will help them the following year. If one student does not practice these concepts over the summer, how will they remember them? I feel as though if more schools (speaking of school levels k-12) required summer math packets, this could cut down on a lot of time teachers have to use each year reviewing material from the previous year. Say for instance one year you learn derivatives, and then the next year you are supposed to learn integrals, practicing derivatives over the summer will make it a lot easier to jump into integrals in the fall since they go hand in in. Requiring mandatory summer math packets would help a lot of students as well as teachers in their mathematics career.