I was recently enrolled in a history of mathematics class and definitely learned a lot. Many people, besides us math majors, or math educations majors, do not find much interest in the history of mathematics. I feel as though if they knew how different math is today then it was thousands of year ago, they would have a better appreciation for it. Each and everyday people take the numbers 1 through 9 for granted. I do not think this would be the case if they knew at one time babylonians used symbols of fish or men to represent numbers. Drawing this symbol takes a lot longer then simply writing the number. I’m not saying everytime someone writes a number they should praise the creator of the number system we use today, but maybe just think in the back of their head, “Hmmm this is pretty easy, I’m glad it doesn’t take long.” Writing numbers comes as simple as tying your shoes, you learned them once and do not have to think twice about them later, you already know how to do it. Learning about numbers was only one of the historical mathematical events we learned about. In my next blog, I will to talk about place holders.

So, In conclusion, which do you think is easier to draw?


Is the normal 3 easier to draw since this is the way we’ve known all along?

(both of these images were taken off of google images)