All of my previous post have involved mathematics and education, but I actually only became an education major this year. I came into Drexel as a mathematics major and decided to switch to education as well. I always knew I wanted to teach, but was unsure of what grade level. I decided to do Secondary Education, which is High School Education. Algebra and Calculus are two parts of mathematics that have always interested me. I had my first education class this past term and it was History of Mathematics. Besides learning strictly about the history we also taught the class mini lessons, so I was able to experience some actual teaching and lesson planning.

Since I recently became an education major, I wanted to get more involved in the program. I ran for secretary of the FEDs club which stands for Future Educators of Drexel. I was so happy last Friday when I found out that I had gotten the position! I will be keeping track of all the minutes for the meetings we have. I’m super eager to find out what else I will be doing! I feel as though I will be able to bring forth new ideas to the club and help get more people involved! Being secretary of this club is the first step in advancing my carreer as a teacher!