Hi Everybody! My name is Gina DiDomenic and welcome to my math forum blog! I’m currently a pre-junior at Drexel University. Many people wonder what a pre-junior is, well I’ll tell you! Drexel University has a 5 year program, which I am currently apart of and am in my third year, so I’m no longer a sophomore, but I’m also not considered a junior either! At Drexel I’m a Mathematics Major! I currently just enrolled in the BS/MS program, which means if everything works out, fingers crossed, I would graduate with a bachelors in math and a masters in education. I always loved math and wanted to be a teacher. I want to share my passion for math with others and help them enjoy it as much as I do! At Drexel I’m currently completing my co-op, which is a part time job for 6 months to help you gain field experience. (One of the many perks of attending Drexel) I’m working at the Math Forum at Drexel University and I love it! The Math Forum is an online website that teachers as well as students can both utilize. The website provides teaching methods and packets for teachers to use in their classrooms and also has problems of the week and question databases that students can ask for help on. My job at the Math Forum is to help come up with the different methods for the packets and also to answer some of the questions students are asking. This is the perfect experience for me as an inspiring teacher! Not only am I helping students and teachers out, but I’m gaining experience for when I have my own classroom. Besides working at the Math Forum, I am also Secretary of my Sorority, Phi Sigma Sigma, and love dancing, hanging out with friends, and laughing!