Since my by-hand attempt at archiving a Twitter conversation, I was told about Storify by the folks at Chatterblast Media who are helping the Math Forum learn their way around social media.

Anyway, Storify saved me tons of time capturing screen shots of tweets and made it easy to annotate the conversation. I wish it didn’t have to be quite so linear (I ended up re-ordering some tweets and breaking my one picture into two stories). But I guess stories tend to be linear.

Here is the finished product:

If you are ever engaged in a Twitter conversation you think would interest others, or want to refer back to, just favorite the Tweets. Then whenever you get a chance, log in to Storify and search for your favorited tweets. They’ll be there waiting for you, and you can easily drag them into a story, re-order them, and annotate. Storify also collects Facebook posts, RSS feed items… all of the ephemera of the web. It’s pretty awesome!