Welcome to Max’s as-yet-unnamed blog! For the first post, I thought I’d do a preview of coming attractions (and that way when I don’t know what to write about, I can come back here and find out what I thought I was going to blog about!)

So, here are some things you could expect to see in this space:

  • Really cool math problems that are puzzling or pleasing me.
  • Really cool scenarios that lend themselves to mathematical thinking
  • Ideas for teaching specific math content, especially thinking about teaching with the Common Core State Standards
  • Ideas about how we can teach and students can learn Process Standards
  • My thoughts on current events in the math education world
  • Stories about teachers teaching and students learning math
  • Stories about teachers learning and professional development

Please leave a comment suggesting a cool name for a math-ed blog by a guy with the remarkably math-y name of Max Ray, and/or suggesting other topics you’d like me to blog about.