Links and agenda for a workshop at Colonial School District, March 18 2014


  • What do you know about the Math Forum?
  • What’s a goal you have around problem-solving or communication?
  • Anything else you’re looking/hoping for?

Three of my favorite open Math Forum resources:

The Math Forum Problems of the Week (membership provided by Colonial School District)

  • Finding good problems:
    • Find the “Problems of the Week Library” tab
    • Find the “Write Math: PoWs by Standard” tab
  • Using the online submissions to collect student work and support student communication:
    • Find “My PoW Work”
    • Find “Manage My Purchase”
    • Create Class
    • Create Students
    • Now what’s different about My PoW Work?
    • Now what’s different about the PoWs you view?
  • Tracking and responding to student work
    • Each PoW has a “My Students’ Work” link
    • My PoW Work as a Teacher also has ways to view students’ work
    • I Notice, I Wonder responses
    • Rubrics