My first multi-media math mystery!

I made a What Can You Do With This video of the investigation that launches Core Plus Mathematics Book 1, Unit 6, Lesson 3.

Video 1 is the set-up of the experiment.

Column Strength Video 1: The Set Up from max ray on Vimeo.

Video 2 is a faster version of the experiment (the paper was a little thicker in Video 1) with a question.

Video 3 answers the question.

Video 4 tests a circular column.

The data in the videos isn’t great… for one thing, it’s not the behavior I expected (there’s a lot of room for error). Also, it’s just not precise enough data that you could actually do any sort of regression. But I do think that it could be fodder for a conversation about the countable and measurable attributes of prisms and what might make them more and less useful for engineers… and kids could then design the better version of the experiment, with smaller weights, more even distribution of weight, etc.

Thanks to my videographer, Kaytee Riek.

Also, if you’re curious what the book Facilitating Group Learning is all about, and why I have so many copies, it’s not because I wrote it, it’s just a really good book that any educator or trainer could get a lot from, but is specifically about adult direct education for social justice. Full disclosure: Kaytee works part-time for the organization (Training for Change) founded by the author (George Lakey) and they are distributing copies. That’s why we had ‘em. It was convenient to have identical books, and I thought it was a nice touch to use Facilitating Group Learning to spark some group learning! And I’ve been talking up the book since before they hired Kaytee.