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Archive for December 2012

Teacher’s Corner

Meet Fawn Nguyen from California. See how she uses Problem Solving Activities (PSs) in her classroom. Have you had similar experiences? What can you learn from her story?

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This four year project, entitled EnCoMPASS: Emerging Communities for Mathematical Practices and Assessment, uses the Math Forum’s popular Problems of the Week (PoW) to help teachers develop strategies that support students’ mathematical thinking and encourage teachers to move beyond simply identifying wrong answers.

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PoWs on the Road

Tune in and see where we’ve been and where we’re headed. Look for us at conferences or professional development in a city near you.

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Common Core Corner

The Math Forum supports teachers and schools across the US, so we’ve been studying the CCSSM for a while now. Join us in this continuing series as we look at the Mathematical Practices.

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PoW Survey Facts

We would like to say thank you to all of you that took the time to respond to our recent PoW survey. The responses and comments that were shared will help us plan for next year’s program and beyond. Here are some key findings.

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PoW Mentoring Tips

Many teachers wonder, “How do I make the most of doing PoWs online?” In this column we’ll share some tips and tricks that we and other PoW teachers use to manage the workload.

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