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Archive for April 2013

Teacher’s Corner

Meet Laurel Pollard, a computer lab tech from Hanover Street School in Lebanon New Hampshire. See how she’s making videos based on PoW scenarios. What can you learn from her?

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Scenarios: What Are They and Why Should We Use Them?

You may have seen our many tweets, facebook posts or handouts with our free scenarios and thought; How do I use these, what are they and why do I care? See how we learn to “Forget The Question” to use this as a learning tool.

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PoWs on the Road

Tune in and see where we’ve been and where we’re headed. Look for us at conferences or professional development in a city near you.

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Common Core Corner

Make Sense of Problems… This issue we look at the first Common Core Mathematical Practice, “Make sense of problems and persevere in solving them.” What are some ways that teachers support their students as they make sense of a Problem of the Week? Noticing and Wondering/Forget the Question When teachers do PoWs in class, a

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Q & A with Valerie Klein: Understanding the Importance of Financial Education in the Classroom

Dr. Valerie Klein, Professional Collaboration Leader at the Math Forum. Valerie was head of the Numeracy and Financial Education Summer Institute here in Philadelphia. The institute brought together teachers from all across the US and canada to explore using problem solving to integrate financial literacy into the mathematics classroom and to find and use math relevant to financial literacy and how it aligns to the core mathematics curriculum. Today, Valerie is involved with local schools here in the Philadelphia area, leading the professional development team at Universal Companies’ family of schools as well as the School District of Philadelphia’s Samuel Powel School, in West Philadelphia.

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PoW Mentoring Tips

In the summer of 2001, Suzanne and Annie took over the conference room at the Math Forum and sat down to distill their thinking about the elements that go into crafting a great PoW submission. What did they look for when they chose student work to highlight on the Sample Solution page? After covering every

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