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Archive for September 2013

Teacher’s Corner

Math Specialist Seth Leavitt from Minnesota uses the PoWs in a unique way with his students. See how he makes math fun with his students and their parents.

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Math Forum: The Co-Op Perspective

Drexel undergrad students Gina and Casey have been working at the Math Forum as part of the Drexel co-op program. Read how they not only got into classrooms to observe teacher-student interactions, but also got to come up with methods for teachers to try in their very own classrooms.

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PoWs on the Road

Tune in and see where we’ve been and where we’re headed. Look for us at conferences or professional development in a city near you.

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Common Core Corner

In this issue we look at the second Common Core Mathematical Practice, “Reason abstractly and quantitatively.” What does it mean to reason abstractly and quantitatively as students work on solving a Problem of the Week?

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Q&A with Suzanne Alejandre: Understanding Problem Solving in the Classroom

Suzanne Alejandre, Director of Professional Development of the Math Forum. Suzanne a former middle school mathematics and computer teacher in California now helping teachers approach problem solving as a process. Her motto: “The goal is not to be over and done. The goal is to think, express, reflect, and revise.”

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PoW Mentoring Tips

This summer and fall, four future teachers worked at the Math Forum, helping us do cool things like produce video of Math Forum staff facilitating problem-solving sessions or create new video scenarios. We asked one of the co-op students, Gina, to read and synthesize the “2-3: Mathematical Practice #1″ post from the Math Forum’s Elementary Math Practices blog to help our newsletter readers get a sense of some of the cool resources on our Math Forum blogs.

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