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Math Forum: The Co-Op Perspective

Drexel undergrad students Gina and Casey have been working at the Math Forum as part of the Drexel co-op program. Read how they not only got into classrooms to observe teacher-student interactions, but also got to come up with methods for teachers to try in their very own classrooms.

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PoWs on the Road

Tune in and see where we’ve been and where we’re headed. Look for us at conferences or professional development in a city near you.

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Q&A with Suzanne Alejandre: Understanding Problem Solving in the Classroom

Suzanne Alejandre, Director of Professional Development of the Math Forum. Suzanne a former middle school mathematics and computer teacher in California now helping teachers approach problem solving as a process. Her motto: “The goal is not to be over and done. The goal is to think, express, reflect, and revise.”

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PoW Mentoring Tips

This summer and fall, four future teachers worked at the Math Forum, helping us do cool things like produce video of Math Forum staff facilitating problem-solving sessions or create new video scenarios. We asked one of the co-op students, Gina, to read and synthesize the “2-3: Mathematical Practice #1″ post from the Math Forum’s Elementary Math Practices blog to help our newsletter readers get a sense of some of the cool resources on our Math Forum blogs.

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Teachers’ Corner

Meet Laurel Pollard, a computer lab tech from Hanover Street School in Lebanon New Hampshire. See how she’s making videos based on PoW scenarios. What can you learn from her?

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Scenarios: What Are They and Why Should We Use Them?

You may have seen our many tweets, facebook posts or handouts with our free scenarios and thought; How do I use these, what are they and why do I care? See how we learn to “Forget The Question” to use this as a learning tool.

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