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PoW Facts

Here are some things you may or may not know about the PoWs and the folks that bring them to you:
  • The Math Forum was started in 1992, and you can see how we just celebrated our 20th birthday.
  • The PoWs began in 1993
  • The PoWs reach over 8,000 subscribers worldwide in 14,500 different schools.
  • The PoW offices are located at Drexel University in Philadelphia. That’s 16,274 miles away from our active PoW friends in Beaconsfield, Australia.
  • There are 17 active staff members, and eight of us prefer to stand all day instead of sitting at their desks (it’s the latest trend).
  • Did you know that some of our Technology PoWs are available in Spanish? Get tPoWs.
  • We’ve just rolled out our newest Current PoW – Trig/Calc PoW.
  • There are over 1,800 PoWs in our library.
  • For only $25. you can have up to 36 students in your class submit online.
  • In our About the Library page you can find PoWs organized by story topics – like holidays or animals and much more.
  • The above picture is one of Annie’s favorite PoWs – Dendrochronology. The folks in the picture are her parents. Annie says, “It’s my favorite because it’s an awesome word that I had never heard before, and it’s a real-life application of basic circle ideas.”