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PoW Survey Facts

Ever wonder how other teachers use the PoWs? Well, we did too.

Here’s what we learned from a recent PoW survey.

36% percent of you use the PoWs with your students on a weekly basis, compared to only 10% of you who use them monthly.

The FunPoW nudged out the PrimaryPoW as the most popular, followed by the PreAlgPoW, GeoPoW, and AlgPoW. But the popularity contest might get shaken up with the return this year of our TrigCalcPoW.

We asked teachers to tell us all the ways that they are using the PoWs with their students. An overwhelming 84% of those surveyed have their students work on the PoWs in class and in groups. 30% of you assign them for class credit and 49% of students are doing the PoWs at home. We wonder how many parents are getting in on the problem-solving fun…

You told us about the use of social media in schools, too — where the most blocked site was Facebook, followed by Twitter and YouTube. However, the majority of you are using YouTube with your students and only  a small percentage are using Twitter* in the classroom. *To learn more about how you can use Twitter in the classroom “I Tweet, Therefore I Learn”

There were many responses regarding the new Common Core alignments and how the PoWs fit in. We’re happy to let you know that all of the PoWs are aligned; you can find the alignments by looking at the Teacher Packets in the Current Problems section or you can search in our Write Math section just look under “N,” for “National – Common Core.”

Thanks to all of you who took the time to respond to our survey. We really appreciate your feedback!