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Summer Problems of the Week

Every two weeks from now until mid August, the Math Forum will post PoWs and accept solutions. Look for the summer problems as well as all 120 problems from the 2016-2017 school year that have been posted on our calendar page.

If you didn’t have time during the school year to access these resources, take a moment to view the following:

notice and wonder

Scenario [pdf]
Scoring Rubric [pdf]
Teacher Packet [pdf]

We provide the Scenario so that you can use our Notice and Wonder activity to introduce the problem to your students.

Our Teacher Packets include these items:

  • Text of the problem
  • Our answer check (students will see if they submit online)
  • Our solutions (many different methods)
  • Alignment to CCSSM
  • Our teaching suggestions
  • Sample student solutions (actual work that students have submitted previously, ranging from novice to apprentice to practitioner and sometimes expert levels)