Last year brought us the unveiling of the Primary Problem of the Week, a series of PoWs geared towards the youngest problem solvers. This year, we’re focusing on older students, students who have studied math beyond Algebra I and Geometry. We will be publishing 20 problems from our Trig & Calc library to make them available to all teachers with a Current PoW membership. Each problem will have links to enhanced teacher materials (strategy alignments, Online Resource Pages, Scenario-Only versions of the problems, and Teacher Packets including Common Core alignments).

We’re excited to be able to offer these problems to our Current PoW members so that teachers of higher-level math can be part of the Current PoW community. As the name suggests, most of the problems can be solved using techniques from Trigonometry or Calculus. However, many of the problems can be solved in multiple ways: with right-triangle trig that students may have learned in early grades; with algebraic techniques and software; or they draw on content areas like Discrete Math or Probability. So these problems can also be extra challenges for students who aren’t yet in the Trigonometry or Calculus class.

This year, we don’t plan to feature highlighted solutions for the Trig & Calculus PoW on the PoW site (teachers can always see sample successful solutions with different strategies in the Teacher Packet). If, however, we do get interesting submissions, we’ll certainly be blogging about them here! And if we get to a consistent level of submissions, we’ll be excited to have highlighted solutions from the Trig & Calculus PoW next year!

So we’d love to have you check out the current Trig & Calculus PoW, “Building Boxes,” a PoW that can be approached by older students using derivatives or by middle-school students through careful tables and virtual manipulatives. View the Online Resources Page in the “blue box” on the PoW for a link to an applet that will help students from middle school through calculus make sense of this problem.