My name is Steve Weimar and I am Director of the Math Forum, which means I wear a lot of hats, like most everyone who works here. I feel very fortunate to have been involved with the Math Forum almost from its beginning, working with wonderful colleagues, both on our staff and from schools around the world, having fun with problem solving, math, and technology.

I began teaching math at a summer Upward Bound program for students from the city of Chester while I was in college. After college I continued teaching math to middle and high school students at Germantown Friends School. I left to do some curriculum development but it wasn’t long before I found myself helping build Educators for Social Responsibility and working with schools on problem solving of a different sort: conflict resolution and critical thinking on key social issues.

In 1992 I got involved with an online math community development effort, the Geometry Forum, through my wife, Ann Renninger, a professor of Education and Psychology at Swarthmore College who was an evaluator on the project. This became a full-time focus as Gene Klotz and I went after the NSF funding to grow it into the Math Forum.

Jumping to the present, I work with teachers in schools to improve math instruction, oversee the Math Forum web site, teach online teacher education courses here at Drexel University, and write grants and work on research (Virtual Math Teams, Financial Education in the Math Classroom, Math Images are a few of the current projects).

I play soccer, fish with our adult son Zach, ride my bike to work, read (fiction, science fiction, science), and spend a lot of happy time with Ann: renovating, eating good food, enjoying music and friends.

I believe that learning problem solving strategies and communicating one’s thinking can address issues of interest and confidence for students in their mathematical thinking, in addition to deepening their understanding of mathematics. I look forward to sharing ideas with y’all.