Last week I used a memory from over 25 years ago and this week my thoughts turned to a memory that is probably only 15 years or so old. For some reason I’m attracted to patterns — I look for them constantly. In fact, in part it was my fascination with tessellations that led me to my Math Forum job! Unlike Lee’s question about the world turning color, I can’t exactly pinpoint when our older son Niko commented to me about my “eye” to patterns but I remember the conversation. I was noticing out loud something that focused my attention and Niko said, “Mom, you just think that way, don’t you?” And I said, “Yes. I’m not sure why but as I encounter the world my eye focuses on shapes and designs and color. I’m always looking for a pattern.”

It seems normal for me and I can’t imagine that others don’t see what I see. This morning as I was thinking about this I thought that I’d look through my iPhoto library to find a couple of photos I might have taken. I started laughing because I have quite a collection. Below are a few that I chose to share.

What do you see?