On Friday, March 16, I had the opportunity to hear John Ewing’s keynote “Who Owns the Common Core Standards?” at this year’s Long Island Mathematics Conference, Limaçon 2012.

His message resonated with me for several points that he made:

  • describing the standards as having a focus on the practices as well as understanding mathematics
  • there are dangers if we only focus on data driven education because student achievement cannot only be measured in test score data
  • education is complicated with many goals intertwined (facts and skills, understanding, creativity, attitude, curiosity, lifelong learning) and it is that broad view of education that is important to us as teachers/students

He ended on a positive note:

“This is your opportunity to show…
…that teaching is a profession
…and that teachers are in charge of that profession.”

He encouraged us not to miss this opportunity.

On the blog The Opportunity Equation, you can read a post by John Ewing on this topic: The Common Core Math Standards: Implications for Teacher Preparation.

If you agree with Dr. Ewing and you are looking for opportunities — I offer you this one if you are a Kindergarten, 1st grade, 2nd grade, 3rd grade, 4th grade, or 5th grade teacher or if you work with teachers working with students at that level. Visit the Math Forum’s new blog:

Elementary Mathematics Practices

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