Max Ray acted out what is happening in Charlie’s Gumballs, a problem at the Primary level from the Math Forum’s Problems of the Week (PoWs). We encourage teachers to use the “Notice/Wonder” activity with students as they watch the video and/or listen to or read the Scenario.

Video link: Gumballs

Provided here are freely accessible* links to Charlie’s Gumballs’ teacher resources:

Scenario [pdf]
to handout or display
Primary PoW Packet [pdf]
CCSSM alignment, possible solutions, teaching suggestions
Primary Problem of the Week Scoring Rubric for Students [pdf]
focused on problem solving [interpretation, strategy, accuracy] and communication [completeness, clarity, reflection]
Notice/Wonder [pdf]
student handout or use to get ideas for question prompts

The “Notice/Wonder” activity is designed to help students develop and strengthen CCSS Mathematical Practice #1, Make sense of problems and persevere in solving them. ["Mathematically proficient students start by explaining to themselves the meaning of a problem and looking for entry points to its solution."]

* These free resources are drawn from the Math Forum’s Problems of the Week program which otherwise requires a subscription. Resources are available at all levels from counting and arithmetic through calculus. See this page for more information.