A post on Fawn Nguyen’s site reminded me that in one of my other lives I was just a middle school computer teacher! And then following those few years when I only taught computers, I taught math in a computer lab. Even though it’s pretty much ancient history, I thought it might be fun to share some of the ideas — if you are a math teacher with access to a lab (portable or another room you can use) or if you are a computer lab teacher who wants to support math teachers maybe you can adapt some of these ideas to 2012!

Tessellation Tutorials
I developed this idea (namely, this HyperCard tutorial: http://mathforum.org/sum95/suzanne/tess.html ) for my computer elective students. At that time (1995) HyperCard was the only software on the Macs in my lab! Between 1995 and 2000 I added other tutorials for other software programs. I’ve not added anything lately but there’s probably enough there to figure out how to adapt the idea to a paint program that your students have access to on their computers.
CCSSM: developing understanding of transformations (translation, reflection, rotation) in middle school would support what’s expected of students in High School: Geometry
Locker Problem Activity
(includes a link to Nathalie Sinclair’s applet)
Traffic Jam Activity
(includes a link to Mike Morton’s applet – he wrote for me in 1996 and amazingly it still works!)
Ask Dr. Math “Link” pages
I used to write web pages with a focused number of Ask Dr. Math threads. I had students work in pairs and take “Cornell Notes”
These are the pages I wrote:
But you could also use some of the Ask Dr. Math: Selected Answers pages:
Software I used in my lab (or similar new ones!) that are available for free: