When I received an invitation in October from Karen Cowe to be part of the Ignite! presentations at CMC-North 2012, I was both honored and terrified! I had seen my Math Forum colleagues prepare and present at:

NCTM 2011 – Indianapolis

Max Ray: Why 2 > 4: A Proof by Induction
Annie Fetter: Ever Wonder What They’d Notice?
Steve Weimar: Why Did You Do That?

NCSM 2012 – Philadelphia

Max Ray: Fun with Trig Identities
Annie Fetter: The Teacher I Would Have Been
Steve Weimar: What do we ‘no’?

I wanted to be like them and give an Ignite! talk but I didn’t want to feel the pressure … so … I kept it a secret. It really happened, though, and I have the poster to prove it:

CMC-North 2012 Ignite poster

A PDF version of my slides are here and now (about 4 months later) we are able to view the video from Key Curriculum’s YouTube channel. Suzanne Alejandre at CMC-North Ignite Fun!

And recently, I made this page to keep track of the Math Forum Ignite Talks: