One way to keep things rolling as a result of our EnCoMPASS Summer Institute 2014 (August 4-8) is to:

  • [reflect] read a blog post inspired by activities/thoughts from that week
  • [respond] comment on one of the blog posts
  • [inspire reflection and responses] write a new blog post

Here are some I’ve found in case it helps to have them in one spot:

Justin Aion
August 7: Dandelions
Suzanne Alejandre
Lois Burke
Lisa Henry
Erin Igo
Damola Mabogunje
Fawn Nguyen
Michael Pershan
Problems of the Week Blog
Andrew Stadel
August 6: People Circles
August 5: Exhaustion
David Wees

Here are blogs that I’ll be watching. I’ll add to the list I’ve assembled above if/when I notice any EnCoMPASS-related posts:

If you notice any posts to add, feel free to comment and/or email me directly! Thanks. ~Suzanne