Okay, true confession, I haven’t been too excited about the EnCoMPASS tool and I’ve kept thinking that it’s not quite ready to use yet. Recently, however, I changed my mind!

Max and Annie talked me into looking at five new (very short) videos. As I watched I thought of what Fawn told me quite some time ago — she would love to sit next to a programmer and have a one:one explanation of how the tool works. I promise, Fawn, that Max and Annie explain things just like you’re hoping!

In this first video, Annie gives a tour of a workspace she used to sort student submissions to find a wide range of clear, complete submissions to feature (highlight) on the Problem of the Week website.

Dads Cookies Tour

In this second video, Annie shows how to make use of the features available to you when you are sorting student work in a workspace.

Sorting a Workspace

In the last three videos, Max talks out loud while he illustrates some of the different aspects and features of the feedback process.  The first two end a little abruptly (we use something that only records 5 minutes and not a second more!), but the third one carries the process through to the end.




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