Teacher2Teacher (T2T®) has long been one of my favorite Math Forum services. It’s free! It’s staffed by T2T Associates who have a wide variety of expertise (we’re always looking for more volunteers) and it gives an opportunity for folks in the community to ask a question and privately (via email) receive an individual response.

I became a T2T Associate on May 28, 1999! I can still remember reading questions in the office “queue,” reflecting on my classroom experiences and wondering what ideas I could share that would help and/or what resources I could point to that might be useful. I’ve often heard from other T2T Associates that the process of responding to others’ questions is as valuable (or maybe more valuable) than benefitting from receiving that information. It’s great because a give/take service is what sustains a community!

The “ask a question” private conversations are one feature of T2T but there is also the option for wider discussion in the Teachers’ Lounge. As the T2T Administrator I can make threads in the office “queue” public. When I do that they appear in the Teachers’ Lounge and then anyone can post to that thread.

A service like this works best when thoughtful questions are asked.

As I write this I’m at PCMI (Park City Mathematics Institute) and on the daily schedule for the Teacher Leadership Program is Reflecting on Practice: Making Connections that Support Learning. I know that many thoughtful questions are being generated during that part of the institute and also during Working Group time in the afternoon.

On the left you can see our previous “look” and on the right you can see our the new “look.” Annie made a lovely new banner in celebration!

T2T Before and After

We would love your help as we “restart” our service. We’re looking forward to responding to your questions about effective teaching practices, finding Web resources, identifying student needs or starting projects. If you’re on the verge of adopting a new math curriculum, or if you’re curious about the ways children are learning math we’d be happy to discuss that with you. Here’s what to do:

  1. Go to: http://mathforum.org/t2t/
  2. Click on Ask a question.
  3. Follow the prompts.

What will happen?

  1. Your “question” will go into the private back office “queue.”
  2. T2T Associates will be able to view it there.
  3. If they view it and find that they have ideas to provide, they’ll reply.
  4. Their reply to you will be sent to you as an email.
  5. You have the opportunity to use the URL in that email to respond to them (if you have a comment or a follow-up question).
  6. Sometimes those private “conversations” are made public and will be moved to the public Teachers’ Lounge.
  7. NOTE: when you first ask a question the default setting is that your name and email will not be displayed. You can opt to change either of those — it’s your choice.

Thank you in advance for helping us restart T2T. We are looking forward to receiving thoughtful questions and we are hoping we can provide thoughtful responses.