I love offering good resources to folks!

In preparation for the San Antonio conferences Max, Annie, and I were able to get 62 sets of Math Forum Problems of the Week Resources up on the NCTM website. We continue to offer our Problems of the Week “services” on the Math Forum site but having PDF resources as a NCTM member benefit feels good.

Here’s all you do to access them:

  1. go to http://www.nctm.org
  2. enter your NCTM login
  3. look toward the top of the page for the navigation bar – click Classroom Resources so that the menu appears
  4. notice the new link that reads Math Forum Problems of the Week Resources
  5. once on the Math Forum Problems of the Week Resources page you’ll see a lovely chart organized into these sections:
    1. K-2
    2. 3-5
    3. 6-8
    4. Algebra
    5. Geometry
    6. Trig & Calculus
  6. note, too, that each grade band is divided into strands/topics.
  7. use one of the hyperlinked PoW titles to view the individual page that includes text of the Scenario and links to download PDF versions of:
    1. Scenario
    2. Problem
    3. Teacher Packet
    4. Rubric
  8. you might ask yourself why we are displaying the scenario. We offer those to go along with our Notice/Wonder Activity [PDF].

One of the 6-8 problems is Women’s Walkway:

This is one of my favorite problems because it’s about tessellations and also a real walkway in Philly! Interestingly, that problem is the Current Pre-Algebra Problem of the Week (April 10 – 28, 2017).

As you’re using the Math Forum PoW Resources you might find yourself noticing and wondering about teaching. How to use a scenario or how to strengthen your students’ problem solving skills. As a question forms in your mind, just use the link to Teacher2Teacher (T2T®) [located on right sidebar] to ask a question. Your question will be individually responded to by one of our T2T Associates.

As a result of the presentations that happened Wednesday through Saturday in the Networking Lounge in NCTM Central at the Annual Meeting in San Antonio last week, there is an amazing list of links to resources on this page:


Linda Gojak helped highlight the “network” in the Networking Lounge. Linda was prepared to share “Beyond Drill and Practice” with teachers, but ended up learning about #ElemMathChat from Brian Bushart (@bstockus) instead!

I hope you find these resources helpful. We’d love to hear your comments as you explore and try them! Thanks, ~Suzanne (@SuMACzanne)