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The Math Forum Bridging Research and Practice Project (BRAP) was supported by a subcontract from TERC, as part of their grant from the National Science Foundation (REC-9805289).

We'd like to thank Sarah Seastone, our Web editor, for her layout, design, and editorial efforts, as well as her onsite support at workshops. We'd also like to acknowledge Scott Price, who managed the production of the video clips and helped in the planning and design of the Web presentation. In addition, we appreciate the contributions of:

  • Judy Ann Brown, who adapted the Cylinder Problem for use on the Middle School Problem of the Week, and who also provided support at the workshops;
  • David Kershaw, who created the WRAP mailing list;
  • Gene Klotz, the PI of the project, who worked out details of the partnership with TERC;
  • Alecia Marie Magnifico, who did transcription and QuickTime technical support;
  • Samira Katherine Mehta, who tabulated student predictions;
  • Tracey Perzan, who provided administrative support;
  • Wes Shumar, who has helped in the evaluation of this project;
  • Richard Tchen, who administered the WRAP mailing list, provided support at the workshop and editorial feedback on this videopaper; and
  • Alex Vorobiev, who provided computer and technical support.

We are also grateful to the students, school principals, and department heads who have made participation in this project possible.

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