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 Jon Basden       [Project Reflections]
School type Public middle school
Student population 99% White, 1% other, rural, mostly middle class
Grade level 7th
Subjects Math (4 Sections of Regular Math & 1 Pre-Algebra Section)
Student ability range We have full inclusion of special education students, but most of the top students are in Pre-Algebra, so the gap is pretty wide but not as wide as it could be.
Class sizes Regular Math: 24, Pre-Algebra: 32
Administrative support Better than most
Curricular reforms The Illinois State Goals and testing are starting to emphasize open-ended problem solving and writing in the math classroom. As a result, there is a large priority placed on those parts of the curriculum.
Technology used in class Computers (web, spreadsheets, & software like Sketchpad for demonstrations) & calculators (non-graphing)
No. years teaching experience 2 full years plus this one
Internet experience email, web page creation, teach web page design classes to district and area educators
Professional goals I would like to be a technology coordinator for a school district.


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